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Enrique Alvarez Villanueva

Recently I began learning Spanish, my third language. I started with a private tutor, Enrique, from First Tutors before embarking on a ¡Vamos! Beginners course.

Enrique Alvarez Villanueva is an online, talented Spanish tutor. He has worked as a Spanish teacher at the University of Oviedo in Spain and in Secondary education. He has worked as a Spanish teacher/ tutor full time since he finished his Masters degree in 2014.

He also tutors GCSE, A-Level and university students with outstanding success. Enrique prides himself of the diverse, engaging and fun materials he uses. He tailors the content of language learning to match students developing abilities.

Spanish is the fourth most spoken language on the planet having 474.4 million native speakers along with 73.6 million using Spanish as their second and/ or third language. (2022 edition of Ethnologue)

Spanish is the official language of Spain, the country after which it is named and from which it originated. Other European territories in which it is also widely spoken include Gibraltar and Andorra.

Spanish is also spoken by immigrant communities in other European countries, such as the United Kingdom, France, Italy, and Germany. Spanish is an official language of the European Union.


Anthony has the desire, motivation and ability to learn Spanish. He has an idea, going forward, of working both here in the UK and in Spain. Seeking an improved work/ life balance which enables time with family and friends alongside an enjoyable work pattern. English is his first language and BSL (British Sign Language) is his second. He is fluent in both languages and now embarks on a new language learning journey.


More than 10,000 students have learnt Spanish at ¡Vamos!, many of whom have stayed with Vamos! to advance to higher levels.

¡Vamos! has been a Zoom partner since August 2019 and during that time they have refined their teaching techniques to ensure online courses offer the same high standard of teaching and fun as the classroom experience.

At the end of Level 1 (A1.1)

I will be able to introduce myself, ask and give personal information (nationality, profession, telephone number, address, etc) I will be able to describe my family and its members (their physical appearance and their character) I will also be able to describe my town and buy something in a shop. In grammar, I will be able to conjugate regular verbs in Present Tense, use the verbs “ser” and “estar” in different contexts, differentiate between “tú” y “usted”, identify the gender of nouns and adjectives, know the numbers from 0 to 1000 and understand question words (cómo, dónde, cuándo, etc).

At the end of Level 2 (A1.2)

I will be able to describe my house and my neighbourhood (location, characteristics and things they have) and express my likes and dislikes. I will be able to ask and answer questions about the weather, the time and seasons. I will be able to talk about my daily routine. In grammar, I will be able to conjugate all the Present Tense (regular, irregular, reflexive and stem-changing verbs), I will know the conjugation of verb “gustar” and similar verbs, I will understand and use quantifiers (muchos, pocos, bastantes, algunos, ningunos), and I will be able to express frequency (siempre, nunca, a veces, etc).

At the end of Level 3 (A1.3)

I can talk about my habits, activities in my free time and my job. I can express opinions, and agreement and disagreement. I am able to describe what I did yesterday. In grammar, I am confident using the Present Tense, and I know the conjugation of verbs in the Past Tense (Pretérito Indefinido). I know the difference between the verbs “saber” and “conocer”, and I can use some important prepositions (de, desde, hasta, a, por, en).

¡Vamos! teachers have created inventive ways to bring the Spanish learning community together with extra fun learning actives. They teach every level of the Common European Framework CEFR with a team of around 30 teachers all of whom are experienced native speakers qualified in teaching Spanish as a foreign language.

The reason so many

Tatiana Lucena

My ¡Vamos! tutor

¡Hola! My name is Tatiana and I am from Seville, a gorgeous city in the South of Spain.

I have a Degree in Journalism and a Graduate Certificate in Teaching Spanish as a Foreign Language to Adults from Institute Cervantes and Roehampton University.

Teaching is not only the passion of my life but my vocation. I really enjoy dispensing the knowledge of my language and culture as well as teaching people the skills to learn the Spanish Language.

My teaching style is based on learning through enjoyment and to be in touch with the culture as well as the need of communication from the beginning.

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