cpd 2019/20

Haywards Heath Preparing for Assignments

3rd March 2019


Haywards Heath Giving and Receiving Feedback

3rd March 2019


Accuracy Seminar with Jemina Napier

9th March 2019


Effective, Reflective Practice Pt. 1 & 2 with Deaf Hub

15th August & 5th September 2020

6 hours (structured)

Building Confidence for Interpreters and Customers with BSL Link Communication for Training

21st November & 5th December 2020

6 hours (structured)

CPD credits for 2020 due to COVID-19 global pandemic. Applied due to being an active Registered Sign Language Interpreter.

May, June, July, August & September 2020

5 hours (structured)

Remote lexicon/vocabulary meeting with BBC News interpreters and translators.

25th August 2020

1 hour (unstructured)

Reading: Austen, S. & Crocker, S. (2004) Deafness in Mind ‘Working psychologically with Deaf People across the Lifespan’.

Reading: Bonvillain, N. (1993) Language, Culture and Communication ‘the meaning of messages’

May to September 2020

20 hours (unstructured)

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