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Anthony is a Registered and Qualified British Sign Language Interpreter with NRCPD and has work in the Deaf community for over 30 years.

The domains of Business and media are where he has most experience but also has a background and practice in health, education, community, politics and law. After studying and qualifying with CITISERVICES and the University of Bristol, Anthony began a career in interpreting with the Deaf Community.

Prior to this he was a fund raiser for a charity, (previously Breakthrough Trust) DeafPlus. It was here he gained a great deal of knowledge; history and understanding of the Deaf community, the language and the culture.

His mentor and boss, David Hyslop, was the best beginning Anthony could have had. David was intelligent, witty and generous in educating and sharing what was culturally appropriate – what to do and say. Under David’s watchful eye he gained qualifications in British Sign Language (previously, CACDP levels I & II) before embarking on the first ‘Communicator’ course to be established in the UK in 1986. This course endeavoured to train Communication Support Workers (CSW) in education. The venture was administered by the Birmingham Institute for the Deaf (BID) and Bournville College. After his interpreter training he became a member of the UK register for sign language interpreters in 1990.

Anthony began working as a ‘live news interpreting’ in the early 1990’s before the BBC News Channel came into being. The BBC back then would show a simultaneous transmission of their BBC1 8am news programme, Breakfast on BBC2 for just 15 minutes each week day morning with an interpreter in vision. He was one of those interpreters. This opportunity came about because he was already an interpreter for the BBC’s then, flagship programme for Deaf and hard of hearing people, SeeHear.

2006 to present Freelance Interpreter in the West Midlands.

2004 to 2006 Director of Operations with Just Communication Ltd.

2000 to 2004 Interpreter for BBC programme See Hear in London

1992 to 2000 Freelance Interpreter in London

1989 to 1992 Interpreter for Action on Hearing Loss (previously RNID) Nottinghamshire and London

1987 to 1989 Community Interpreter for Northamptonshire County Council in Northamptonshire